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3 reasons not to trust your vacation rental business to proprietary software

Adrian Rollett

While there are many, many software packages and online services available for the vacation rental market, only Roomify for Accommodations is completely free to download, use and modify, without any licensing, per-booking or per-property fees.(*) While open source software hasn’t made the same in-roads in the travel industry as many others, we believe it’s past time. Here’s why:


1. Vendor lock-in

when you choose to build your business on a proprietary system, you don’t just have to decide whether that system meets the needs you have today. You have to try to predict if that system will meet your needs 2, 5 or 10 years down the road. If it doesn’t, you will likely undergo a time-consuming process to re-enter your data and re-configure a new system. With Roomify for Accommodations, if the feature you need hasn’t come along, (no upgrade fees!) you may add it yourself, or hire Roomify or any other vendor (this is crucial!) to do so.

2. Lack of differentiation

you’re in business because you have a unique value proposition for your clientele. Why choose a system that forces you to communicate in the same way as hundreds of other businesses, using one of a few templates? Using Roomify for Accommodations, you have complete freedom to customize how and when you communicate with your clients. In addition, RfA’s themes are based on the incredibly popular and versatile bootstrap theme, making it easy to find a qualified web developer to create the exact look and feel you require.


3. Price

I’ve saved the best for last! There’s no hidden catch; Roomify for Accommodations is free to download and use. We only charge for our channel management services and any requested custom development. While many packages may not seem to cost a lot on a per-month basis, you have to pay that fee whether or not you’re getting direct bookings, it’s the off-season, or you’ve closed for renovation.


In Summary

if you’re looking for a platform to communicate what’s unique about your business, don’t settle for a cookie-cutter solution. To learn more about what makes Roomify for Accommodations truly unique, get in touch!



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* To the best of our knowledge - please let us know if not!

Adrian Rollett
Adrian is a co-founder at Roomify - he usually is waist-deep working on our apps and infrastructure.