Announcing BAT for Drupal 8

Roomify, LLC · November 16, 2017

The best open-source booking system builder is now available for the world-class Drupal 8 CMS.

In between other projects, we've been investing in the future of open source booking applications. The bat library is a production tested, rock solid base for solving all kinds of availability management problems. Now, it's a first class citizen in drupal 8. With drupal 8’s API first capabilities, there's never been a better platform for quickly prototyping and building open booking applications. How about a community bike sharing application with a react front end? With drupal 8, your content backend is already built, and you can focus on the interface your users will see. Or perhaps you need a tour booking platform for multiple vendors, with the huge added capabilities of drupal commerce.

What's the best part? Your platform is completely open source, without any vendor lock-in or monthly service fees. As the authors and maintainers of bat, we're here for you - support is provided on stack overflow and the issue queue, and if you're looking for custom development services or an enterprise support SLA, just get in touch!

Finally, we'd be remiss not to give a shout out to one of our resident coding geniuses, Nicolò Caruso. He has put in a huge effort to get this built and ready to release to the community. 

In summary, we're super stoked about the combined possibilities of drupal 8 and bat. We're looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback!

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