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Booking and Availability Management Tools Beta Release and Roadmap

Ronald Ashri

Our Booking and Availability Management Tools have reached beta release stage. This means that we have covered all the main features for the 1.0 version of the library and we will now focus on bug fixes and UI improvements as well as developing documentation and a more comprehensive test suite.

The BAT PHP library is now version 1.0.0-beta1 while the Drupal module is at 7.x-1.0-beta1.

What is next


BAT is a comprehensive framework that delineates both a way to think about and build booking systems. To make this more usable, documentation and effective usage examples are required. We can get you started today with the quick 1-minute quide to BAT concepts - just click on the image below to see an enlarged version.


BAT Infographic Small



We built the core BAT library using a test-driven development process, using PHPUnit essentially as the initial client. Therefore, the BAT PHP Library has excellent code coverage. For the Drupal module we are working on a Behat-based test suite.


We are building the next generation of Roomify's travel related products on top of BAT. Since BAT aims to be a generic framework, it does not provide solutions for application specific things, such as completing bookings through Drupal Commerce, or customized workflows for specific use cases such as vacation rentals, activities, tours, etc. These are all issues that will be dealt with at the application level. 

We have made great progress on all these fronts and in the coming weeks we will be releasing new versions of our products, providing specific solutions for vacation rentals, hotels, tours, and activities. 

Each product will be available in tiers based on how many items you need in your site, and in what combination you need them (e.g. vacation rentals and tours, hotels and activities, etc). Of course, with these being Roomify products, the option to customize these to the extent required by your specific use case is always there, and the Roomify team can work with you to create the exact solution you need. Our objective is to enable anyone to use Roomify travel solutions to create sites that combine vacation rentals, hotels, tours and activities in a single solution.

We will be releasing details regarding the price structure soon. In the meantime if you are interested in an early preview or have any queries get in touch.

Ronald Ashri
Ronald is a co-founder at Roomify and the creator of the Drupal Rooms module and the BAT Library.