Drupal 8 gets a native booking framework

Roomify, LLC · March 6, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of BEE, a booking solution for Drupal 8 aimed at site builders. Roomify specializes in booking solutions and our PHP library, BAT, and the accompanying Drupal module allow developers to integrate booking logic in any PHP application. However, it isn't very helpful for site builders. BEE is the booking module for Drupal that site builders wish existed. 

What is BEE?

Put as simply as possible, BEE is a module that allows you to add booking & availability functionality to any node type. Any node type may be made bookable with BEE, with a selection of daily or hourly event granularity. It’s also possible to configure open hours. Each node of the given type may have single or multiple units, to handle multiple identical resources. BEE provides a basic availability calendar and booking creation form for each enabled node.

How can I build “Application X” with BEE?

The central idea behind BEE is to remain as simple and use-case agnostic as possible. Because BEE’s architecture is based on standard Drupal nodes & entities, standard Drupal site-building practices should be used. For example:
  • To create a user-visible calendar of bookings, we recommend using the fullcalendar module. (The calendar module is not as production-ready)
  • To provide a booking moderation/approval workflow, have a look at the workflow module.
  • To react to system events, we recommend using the rules module. It is not production-ready at this time, but we are actively contributing improvements to the rules and typed_data modules to meet common use cases.


How can I try BEE out?

It’s as simple as installing the BEE module and its dependencies on a Drupal 8.4+ site, creating a content type, and checking the box to enable booking. (Or try it out with simplytest.me!)
You’ll then be able to create nodes and manage their open hours and available/unavailable states. As time allows, we’ll be creating tutorial content with implementations of some common use cases over the next weeks.

I like to watch videos

You're in luck! We made a video showing how to set up BEE with a meeting room content type and view of reservations:


How can I get support with BEE?

As with any Drupal module, support is available via the issue queue on drupal.org. If you’d like to support future development and get one-on-one time with us, we’re offering a flat rate for consultations on your project - just get in touch!


In order to make the functionality BAT offers more accessible and ease the creation of booking workflows in Drupal 8, we’ve created the BEE module. It allows content types to easily and quickly be made bookable and utilizes standard Drupal site-building practices. We hope you’ll try it out for your project!

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