Here we go...

Roomify, LLC · February 20, 2015

roomify opens its doors today. Our goal is simple. Provide flexible open-source solutions for reservations that put business owners back in the driver seat. These reservation tools allow users to find and book the thing they are looking for with ease, and get the best deal possible. Meanwhile, businesses can describe what they are offering in the best way possible.

The challenge

The problem is how to effectively allow for users to search for and choose an item that needs to be available for a predefined period of time, and conform to some minimum requirements . Given that pricing is variable and that there can be any number of permutations, the final package tends to be unique. Whether you are looking for a hotel room to book, a vacation rental, a yoga lesson or some equipment to rent, all these reservation tasks share problems in common. We believe that as a reservations based business you need to successfully combine three aspects of your online presence to solve this challenge.

Content - You need to be able to describe your product, tell the story behind it and get people excited about it. For this you need powerful content management tools and a plan of how to engage with users. You need to be able to tell the story whether someone is reading it on laptop, through their smartphone or accessing it through a third-party website.

Commerce - Collecting payments, handling taxes, offering discounts, handling coupons, working with affiliates. E-commerce in all its various permutations is vital to being able to put in place solutions that best capture what is unique about your product.

Search and Reserve - Commerce on its own, however, is not enough. Users need to be able to search, finding what they need. You need to be able to provide results that not only meet these requirements but also exceed them by offering possibilities the users had not considered yet.

The solution

Drupal + Drupal Commerce + roomify

roomify solves the search and reserve aspect and tightly integrates with Drupal - an open-source enterprise-class CMS that powers some of the worlds biggest sites - and Drupal Commerce - the leading Commerce solution for Drupal. We take advantage of the content and commerce capabilities already there to allow you to build flexible reservation workflows and management tools. The combination gives you, as a business owner, a significant technological advantage. Your website can exploit years of collective development and you have access to features that have been developed for leading websites.

Our first product - the open-source module Rooms - is in use by hundreds of websites and we are just getting started. Get in touch today to discuss your online reservation needs.