Manage meeting room availability and take bookings with BAT for Drupal

Roomify, LLC · February 11, 2016

We designed BAT - our Booking and Availability Management Toolkit - to be a flexible framework for creating booking tools.

This, of course, means that BAT makes no assumptions about what you are going to book or how you are going to book it. BAT provides the tools with which you can define exactly what you need. In order to help you with your configuration of BAT we have put together documentation. In order to have a consistent example, throughout the documentation we develop an example application for booking meeting rooms.

When trying out the documentation please use the latest versions of the BAT PHP Library, the BAT Drupal module, and the BAT API module. 

The documentation will take you through:

Installation & Requirements

How to Create Type Bundles

How to Create Events

Connect Type Bundles to Events

Create Types

Manage Units

Display Availability

Search for Availability

Take Bookings

We hope this will help and would love to hear your thoughts or help build the perfect booking system for you. Get in touch.

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