Roomify releases community edition of Roomify for Accommodations

Roomify, LLC · December 8, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, Roomify for Accommodations is freely available and, as always, completely open source! Today we're going to share some of our motivations for making rfa widely available, and talk about some of the projects we hope to see in the community.

What: RfA is a rich, fully-featured application for building accommodations websites with completely integrated direct booking functionality. It's also much more than "just" that, because it provides the full power of Drupal, a world class open source CMS and application framework. RfA enables you to create websites for anything from a single vacation rental or bed and breakfast up to hundreds of properties.

Who: RfA is great for owners and managers of accommodations who wish to have hands-on control of their own web presence and market directly to new and repeat guests. (For those who don't wish to handle their own hosting, may we humbly suggest our cloud hosting? ;-)) Additionally, it makes a fantastic starting place for web agencies, allowing them to start with a high level booking application and CMS, focusing their time and effort on differentiating the visitor experience for their clients. There are many other possibilities, limited only by your imagination! For example, RfA would make an excellent tourism or chamber of commerce website with integrated bookings and real time availability.

Where: all development and discussion is located on github. RfA can be hosted on any drupal compatible hosting provider, whether bare metal or a managed provider.

Why: we believe that the Sharing economy in general, and the accommodations segment in particular, are largely being siloed into the control of a few huge corporate entities. This trend of industry consolidation and centralization is increasingly leading to the commoditization of individual accommodations, limiting their ability to tell their story to prospective guests. It is our opinion that the only way to reverse this trend is to put the needed tools in the hands of owners and website developers worldwide.
How: so, how can roomify afford to do this? First, our channel management service is fully integrated with RfA. It is completely optional and does require a low monthly fee per property. Secondly, community support is always available via github, but you may purchase a support subscription to receive a guaranteed SLA and help fund continued improvements. Third, we do offer development services for customizations and additions to the included functionality - please get in touch for details. Finally, if you'd like to donate a small amount to say thanks (perhaps funded by increased revenue from direct bookings!) just visit our paypal donation page.


In summary, RfA is now freely available to any and all. It's a powerful application that will only get better with the contributions of a larger community. We're so excited to see what you will do with it!

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