Tours Search, Booking and Management with Roomify Tools

Roomify, LLC · October 9, 2015

Here at Roomify our focus is on providing custom solutions for the widest possible range of booking needs. There is an increasing demand for such solutions both from "traditional" companies (especially within travel) that want to leverage new online tools, as well as from the new breed of "sharing economy" startups. We view our role as technology providers to all of them. We build platforms that allow you to create your own special cocktail of Content + Reservation/Booking + Commerce + Community and target your particular niche. 

Our Roomify for Accommodations solution does this for whoever is interested in building their niche AirBnB-style site, Roomify for Spaces accommodates sites that need hourly rentals, and with Tours, we enable people to create platforms to describe and offer tours that can either last a few hours or a few days.

Here are a few of the key highlights. 


Roomify Tours Front End Functionality


Our Tours solution allows users to use faceted search to find available tours and apply filters to find just the type of search they need.


Pick A Tour

The front-end widget lets you pick a “tour slot” available and figures out pricing based on the type of tour and number of people participating. It can handle both private tours (with pricing depending on group size or fixed) and open tours (pricing is per person and anyone can book into them with Roomify managing availability). 

A user can then either do an instant booking or send an enquiry.

We can also handle multi-day tours and can display availability in a table format as shown in the example below, or on a calendar:


For instant booking the tour is added to a cart, from which the user can check out. 



Enquiries utilize our 'Conversations' system.  Conversations allow the prospective guest to ask questions, determine availability for on-request add-ons, or get any other clarification that they need before they can make a booking.  The Tour operator can answer questions, offer incentives, and otherwise manage guest communication, even after the booking has been made!  When an agreement is reached, a customized offer can be made for the prospective guest, which is then added to their cart, and booked like any other Tour.

Tour Owners view of the conversation

Guests view of the conversation

Tours with Roomify solutions is a fantastic starting point for any custom Tour site. If you would like to find out more just get in touch