Roomify for Accommodations

the all-in-one tool that combines powerful availability and pricing management

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Beautiful Property Pages

With Roomify for Accommodations, each property has a beautiful page. It’s quick and easy to add images and all the information your guests are looking for.

Availability and Pricing calendars

Your calendars will show you the state of affairs in a glance and the Roomify channel manager makes sure all bookings are kept in sync - so that you can take a break. A global overview of the availability in a single calendar will help you to find the current status of your properties .

Channel Manager

With the Roomify Channel Manager active you never need to updated an external site again. Our Channel Manager will synchronize availability across all sites every time there is a change. So now when you take a booking you can just sit back and relax - instead of having to worry about quickly applying the change across all the different sites your property is listed on!

...and more features

Availability Search

Global Availability Calendar

Get a global overview of the availability status of your properties in a single page.


Do you take direct bookings or only enquiries? That is always a big question. With our unique Conversations feature you can finally get the best of both worlds! You choose whether to activate instant bookings and/or enquiries per property. Conversations allow you to exchange messages with guests on your site and quickly make customized offers that the guest may book instantly.

Define Payments methods

Roomify gives you the possibility to define your preferred payment methods! It currently supports different payment gateways such as Stripe, Paypal and Authorize and also offline payments.

Simple and Intuitive Dashboard

Our dashboard will be your best friend! It has everything you need and allows you to simplify your daily work fetching all information about properties, bookings and inquiries in a single page.


Create special offers for your properties! Roomify lets you create special prices for time periods and dedicated landing pages to promote your offers as well as display the list of properties participating.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the key to a successful self-managed rental website. We give you a whole range of tools to build just the pages you need such as single pages, blog posts, activities and landing pages.

Add Ons

Do you want to sell something else with a booking? A guided tour, bike rental, a cookery holiday? Define add-ons for each property and let the user choose what they would like to add to their booking.


Get reviews from your guests! With our review system you can choose to notify a guest after a stay and ask him to rate and review his stay!

Properties Lists

Roomify for Accommodations provides an all-in-one tool that combines powerful availability and pricing management with beautiful websites and flexible channel management. Present your rentals in the best way possible, get direct bookings, sync with everyone else and sit back and relax.

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want to self-host? visit github to see the source and view support plans here

How it works

Create your property

Create your property
Create your property

Availability and Pricing management

Availability and Pricing management
Availability and Pricing management

Enquiry or Book a property as a guest

Enquiry or Book a property as a guest
Enquiry or Book a property as a guest

Every Roomify site is also a fully featured eCommerce site.
We know the needs of travel sites and whether you require secure credit card storage, dealing with multiple suppliers or access to a number of different gateways we can adapt the solution to your needs.

The Roomify Booking Engine is at the heart of all Roomify  Travel sites.
It allows you to easily manage availability and pricing and supports powerful search, flexible booking flows and a wide range of booking rules.

It is all about the story you tell your guests.
From blog functionality to sophisticated destination information you have multiple ways of telling your story. Our advanced CMS tools also allow you to tell the right story across all devices.

A site tailored to your business - not the other way round.
Too often we are forced to tailor our business processes to what our tools allow us to do. Roomify breaks that mold and allows you to tailor the tool to your need. The open-source codebase and the Roomify team are here to build what you need.

Roomify sites are built using open source tools.
Why should you care? Because this means your site benefits from the work of thousands of people, not just the (admittedly amazing!) Roomify team. It also means that your site is truly yours. You have access to the code and data at any time and are not locked in to a single vendor.

Roomify builds on top of Drupal.
We are, individually and as an organization, active members of the Drupal community. This means a Roomify site uses the same engine that powers some of the busiest and most well known sites in the world such as and many others.