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Roomify for Spaces: website + booking engine for meeting rooms, sports halls and much more

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Minimum booking duration and maximum booking duration for events

This allows you to define rooms as bookable in set increments (e.g. 30 minutes) up to a maximum of a set duration (e.g. 2 hours).

Opening Times

You can set your standard opening times and the booking system will automatically take them into account. You may also set working days where that rooms are available to be booked.

...and more features


Everything in Roomify for Spaces revolves around our easy to use calendars that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Define availability, create bookings, move bookings to different rooms and even define prices based on the day of the week. All through the calendar.

Add ons

Additional services associated to a room booking such as A/V equipment, coffee and tea service, etc can be defined as add-ons and how they influence the price can also be set.

Instant or Mediated Bookings

Each type of room can be made available for instant booking or for a mediated booking (where an administrator must approve the request before the booking goes ahead).

Drupal / Drupal Commerce

The entire solution is underpinned by Drupal as the CMS Framework and Drupal Commerce as the eCommerce framework. Together with our open-source booking engine (BAT) you have a power set of tools to create flexible booking systems.


Handle Hourly Bookings with Ease

Roomify for Spaces is a complete solution for managing the availability and booking of spaces such as meeting rooms, sports halls or any other resource that requires hourly bookings. It provides the ideal starting point to customize to meet your requirements.

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Every Roomify site is also a fully featured eCommerce site.
We know the needs of travel sites and whether you require secure credit card storage, dealing with multiple suppliers or access to a number of different gateways we can adapt the solution to your needs.

The Roomify Booking Engine is at the heart of all Roomify  Travel sites.
It allows you to easily manage availability and pricing and supports powerful search, flexible booking flows and a wide range of booking rules.

It is all about the story you tell your guests.
From blog functionality to sophisticated destination information you have multiple ways of telling your story. Our advanced CMS tools also allow you to tell the right story across all devices.

A site tailored to your business - not the other way round.
Too often we are forced to tailor our business processes to what our tools allow us to do. Roomify breaks that mold and allows you to tailor the tool to your need. The Roomify team is here to build what you need.

We believe your data is your data.
You have access to your data and are not locked in to a single vendor - we offer easy exporting of transactions for day-to-day tasks, and you may request a full export at any time.

Get the bookings you need - don't get forced into a cookie-cutter system.
We have designed many systems for Tour operators, Accommodations, Event spaces and more - we can build an integrated system that meets your exact needs and mixes booking types. Don't spend your valuable time dealing with multiple systems!