About us | Roomify

We create reservation solutions that make it easy for people to book services and a pleasure for businesses to manage.

Roomify, LLC is a Colorado-based startup working on booking and reservations solutions using open-source tools. With a focus on the travel industry and sharing economy platforms our goal is to provide beautiful out-of-the-box solutions for reservations that are fully customizable and integrate seamlessly with commerce and content management.

We are the creators of BAT (Booking and Availability Management Tools) - an open source generalized booking framework.

The Team

  • Cecily Borzillo

    Cecily is the product manager, project manager, support manager and general site-building manager. Or, as she likes to say, "The Boss of Everything". An oboe major from Carnegie Mellon University, she somehow found herself doing web development, and somewhat more surprisingly, liking it. She makes sure that Roomify runs on schedule, clients are happy and our products continue to grow in useful ways.

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  • Adrian Rollett

    Adrian occasionally pries himself from the depths of the Rooms codebase in order to enjoy beautiful Colorado and his wonderful family. Another Carnegie Mellon-educated music professional (this time a voice major) he has been coding and developing sites for a number of years now and is an active contributor to the Drupal open-source community. He is also a frequent speaker at both local and international events. The unique combination of discipline, accuracy and creativity required in classical music comes through in the code he produces for Roomify.

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  • Ronald Ashri

    With all these musicians around Ron likes to pretend that he is in a rock band. He does find it confusing that there are no screaming hordes of adoring fans, but he forges on in the hope they will eventually materialize. With a PhD in Computer Science he doesn't quite have the appropriate qualifications for a rock band lead guitarist, but it does come in handy when laying out a vision for Roomify products. Another active Drupal community contributor, he divides his time between Rooms development and getting clients and users excited about what they can do with Roomify.

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  • Nicolo Caruso

    Nicolo holds a first class degree with distinction in Computer Engineering from the University of Catania. Since an early age, he developed a passion for technology and for computer science in particular. A Drupal developer for 3 years now, his special skills are to ferret out the cause of even the most obscure problems and provide innovative and efficient solutions.

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  • Salvo Scala

    A Computer Science major from the University of Catania, Salvo is in the unique position of having done his final year project at university on the open-source Rooms module that is at the heart of Roomify technologies. He has since stuck around and is quickly becoming an expert on all things Rooms and Drupal.

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  • Sonia Pluchino

    Sonia holds a Master's Degree in Business Economy, Management and Strategy from the University of Rome (Roma Tre). She is a travel addict and always on the lookout for new destinations and experiences. She is Roomify's resident web marketing expert - exploring this field with the same passion she has for travelling.