Rooms Module Overview | Roomify

Rooms is a set of Drupal modules designed to enable individual holiday homes, B&Bs and hotels to define what is available for booking (whether it is the entire building or rooms within a building), manage the availability and pricing and integrate with Drupal Commerce to handle payment. It is open source software that provides powerful features that are currently only found in commercial solutions for booking and availability management. This means you can have complete control of your booking process and customize it to fit your specific needs.


To install Rooms you need Drupal 7, with the following modules:

If you are using Rooms 1.8 and newer you will need the standard FullCalendar library (we currently use version 2.6

If you are using Rooms 1.7 and earlier you will need our custom fork of the FullCalendar JavaScript library from here.


Follow the instructions in the installation page.

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