Introduction to BAT |Booking and Availability Management for PHP

Roomify powers all its booking solutions with a common booking framework called BAT - Booking and Availability Management Tools.

It is a set of tools created by the team to provide a foundation through which a wide range of availability management, reservation and booking use cases can be addressed. BAT will work with a variety of CMSs and PHP Frameworks, of which the first is Drupal.

BAT builds on our experience with Rooms, which handles the problem of bookings specifically for the accommodation for rental use case (vacation rentals, hotels, B&B, etc). With BAT we took everything we learned and build a system that will let you build an application like Rooms - or something for table booking at a restaurant, or conference room bookings, or sharing power tools with friends, or booking activities, or... well you get the idea.

BAT on its own is a booking and availability management framework - much in the same way Drupal is a content management framework or Drupal Commerce is an e-commerce framework. Our aim is to build specific solutions on top of BAT to tackle specific application domains.

BAT is an open source PHP library available on Github.

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