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Announcing the Roomify for Accommodations Platform

Ronald Ashri

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of our new Accommodations platform.

The new Accommodations platform will power our vacation rental, B&B and multi-property solutions and is available on the Roomify Cloud or as a self-hosted solution. At its heart lies our unique open-source booking library - BAT - and the feature set reflects the experience gained working with our wonderful customers and open-source contributors.

Roomify for Accommodations enables you to manage multiple properties within a single site, each having multiple room types.  It can handle vacation rentals, B&B / Hotels, or any combination of the three.

Beautiful Listings

It all starts with a beautiful way to share what is best about your accommodation with the world:

Beautiful Listings

Streamlined Dashboard

A streamlined dashboard allows agency managers, property owners and guests to easily manage their properties, bookings, and conversations.

Roomify Dashboard

Flexible Conversations

Bookings can be instant or via an on-site converstion, using our unique Conversations feature. This provides the best of both worlds to both guests and owners.


Powerful Rate Management

Manage multiple rates across all your room types with ease - along with flexible rate and restriction support to enable sophisticated pricing mechanisms.

Rate Management

Channel Management and Secure Credit Card Handling

Connect your properties with OTAs and other services through our channel management service - Roomify is a certified provider and stores credit card data safely with our fully compliant PCI DSS service.


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Ronald Ashri
Ronald is a co-founder at Roomify and the creator of the Drupal Rooms module and the BAT Library.