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We are thrilled to announce that as of today, Roomify for Accommodations is freely available and, as always, completely open source! Today we're going to share some of our motivations for making rfa widely available, and talk about some of the projects we hope to see in the community. What: RfA is a rich, fully-featured application for building accommodations websites with... Read More

If you work on a Drupal site with a development team, you've probably run into merge conflicts created by database updates using the same update number. (E.g. developer 1 creates custom_module_update_7013 in one branch, and developer 2 creates the same update function in another branch) Wouldn't it be nicer if updates used machine names instead, or indeed almost anything besides incremented... Read More

This, of course, means that BAT makes no assumptions about what you are going to book or how you are going to book it. BAT provides the tools with which you can define exactly what you need. In order to help you with your configuration of BAT we have put together documentation. In order to have a consistent example, throughout the documentation we develop an example application for booking... Read More

Our Booking and Availability Management Tools have reached beta release stage. This means that we have covered all the main features for the 1.0 version of the library and we will now focus on bug fixes and UI improvements as well as developing documentation and a more comprehensive test suite. The BAT PHP library is now version 1.0.0-beta1 while the Drupal module is at 7.x-1.0-beta1. What is... Read More

Background Implementing continuous integration of behaviorally-driven tests is a fairly heavy-weight process. In order to run a comprehensive battery of test cases, it’s necessary to set up a complete testing environment for each commit. This involves things like:  downloading: a browser executable drush Drupal core  all dependent modules Behat itself Selenium installing Drupal instantiating an... Read More

Last week we released BAT - our Bookings and Availability Management toolkit as well as a Drupal module for BAT.  We are using BAT to build the new version of our Rooms module as well as other products. However, BAT is much more than an engine for nightly bookings. It also allows us to build any sort of booking / resource management tool. So we asked: "What would it take to build a resource... Read More

Towards the end of October 2015 we announced a broader vision for our company. Roomify aims to provide the tools that will allow anyone to manage the booking and availability of resources - whatever those may be. We consider this a core component of an open sharing economy platform. After that announcement, we went to work. We kept our head down, the coffee (and tea) flowing and focused on what... Read More

As part of our work on Rooms Tours, (coming soon!) we wanted to give users the ability to quickly and easily input regular tour dates/times. (This would be something like: California Wine Country Tour, every week from Tuesday at noon to Thursday noon, from May 15th through September 15th.) We quickly thought of using something like the Google calendar interface for inputting recurring calendar... Read More

It’s now just over three months since roomify launched. We’ve been enjoying the process immensely, despite the inevitable frustration of trying to set up everything that a business requires. What has kept us going is the satisfaction of hitting product milestones, and hearing back from users and clients about how our products are helping them. (We also like getting paid - that’s awesome too!). As... Read More

While working on a channel management plugin for Drupal Rooms, (beta coming soon!) I had a couple of interesting requirements to satisfy. Many booking service providers use the iCal standard in a way that is generically similar, but we wished to be able to support differences in implementation or capabilities between services. In addition, while we are initially focused on supporting channel... Read More